When you arrive at your appointment, please bring the following:
• Your Picture ID
• Your health insurance card, if not available, bring the subscriber’s insurance card along with completed insurance information form
• If you apply to Medicaid and do not have a Medicaid insurance ID number or card, we will be happy to see your child but please bring “ a printed copy of that proof ” that you have applied, otherwise you will be financially responsible for the visit.
• Medical records from your previous pediatrician including child’s immunization or hospital records where baby was delivered.
• If you are a legal guardian, please bring with you a copy of your legal documentation proving guardianship

Bring completed forms or fill them online prior to visitClick Here
Don’t worry if you forget these but arrive 30-45 minutes early to your appointment to complete the forms in the office. Your first visit will be much quicker should you filled the new patient packet online, print, read, and complete it.